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  • Muzzle in on cattle classification
    Researchers are developing a biometric identification system for cattle that could reduce food fraud and allow ranchers to control their stock more efficiently. The system uses the unique features of a prominent part of the animal to identify the beasts - their muzzles.
  • Waging war on Australia's nastiest parasite: Scientists map blowfly genome
    Researchers have decoded the Australian sheep blowfly genome, adding ammunition to the battle against one of the nation's most insidious pests. This blowfly is responsible for about $280 million in losses to Australia's sheep industry each year from flystrike.
  • European rule changes on cross border pet transport may heighten rabies risk
    Recent changes to regulations on the transport of pets across Europe may have increased the threat of introducing rabies from rescue dogs into countries considered free of the disease, suggests research.
  • Pet ownership and its potential benefits for older adults
    New research calls for increased understanding about older adults, the relationship between pet ownership and health, and the current barriers which limit older adults' chances to own a pet. The stud goes into detail about physical and financial risks for older adult pet ownership and how it can be diminished.