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This is the website dedicated to your veterinary career, enhancing the development of practising vets in the UK and abroad. Whether you are looking to be an employed vet, a lifelong locum, or one of tomorrow's practice principals, this is the site where you can find the expert advice for your career.

Here on this site you'll find articles and posts by veterinary-specific companies, experienced vets, and a host of knowledge from inside and outside the profession. Vet In Practice (VIP) covers the range of practice - whether you are a final year student or a practitioner looking forward to retirement!

My name is Tim Mainland; I'm here to help, joined by my partners, who blog as The Professionals.

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Vet In Practice (VIP) is a site that exists to support and mentor veterinary surgeons from new grads to experienced practitioners. While my partners and I are pleased to help with any business and practice issues you face, we warmly encourage other practitioners to contribute or offer their own insight into today's veterinary issues.

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And finally a few words from Liz Mossop -

Starting out in practice is an exciting part of a veterinary career - but it can also be stressful. The complexities of entering the workplace often throw up some tricky questions! Vet in Practice will help young vets find out information they need from a network of other new grads and more experienced members of the profession. It will also help those considering the next step in practice ownership a few years down the line.

Liz Mossop BVM&S MMedSci(Clin Ed) PhD MAcadMEd MRCVS
Associate Professor of Veterinary Education, University of Nottingham

What's New?

Do you voice your opinions or remain silent? – by Carolyne Crowe

Do you say yes to additional work even when your plate is full? Are you quick to judge or blame? Do people seem to dread or fear talking to you?   Many of my clients come to me for coaching with one of their goals to become more assertive.  I think we can all do […]


How & why a Buying Group works….for practices large & small – by Ruth Gray

No practice is too small and not many are too big to join a buying group in my opinion. Hopefully by the end of today’s blog you will agree with me!   A small practice will gain the most from a buying group % wise, although the financial gain in cash terms will be smaller […]


Vetinpractice- well out of my depth….

A short Facebook discussion that I was involved in yesterday touched on the HS2 issue. Should it happen? Should it not? To be honest I hadn’t really thought about it in great detail until then. I live in North Wales, and whilst I do go to London a few times a year, I usually drive […]


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