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  • Decrease in antimicrobial use in animals in Denmark
    Antimicrobial use in animals has decreased in 2014 due mainly to decreased consumption in the pig production. In general very little of the critically important antimicrobials – which are used to treat humans – is used in the production of livestock. The use of critically important antimicrobials in companion animals has also decreased.
  • Mad cow disease changed the diet of the Galician wolf
    The Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease crisis in Europe was a turning point for the diet of the Galician wolf, which until the year 2000 had primarily fed on the carrion of domestic animals. A new study shows that, after European health regulations made it illegal to abandon dead livestock, wolves started to consume more wild boars, roe […]
  • Horse sickness shares signs of human brain disorders, study finds
    Horses with a rare nerve condition have similar signs of disease as people with conditions such as Alzheimer's, a new study has found. The findings shed new light on the causes of the rare but predominately fatal horse condition and could help to develop new tools for diagnosing the illness.
  • Mimicry helps sheep solve a dilemma
    Imitation behaviors play a key role in many collective phenomena seen in animals. An analysis of the collective movements of grazing sheep has revealed that sheep alternate slow dispersion phases with very fast regrouping, in which they imitate the behavior of their neighbors. This study shows that the intensity with which the sheep mimic one […]